During this period, Guanajuato becomes a living theater and museum. The festival features avant-garde artistic performances and exhibitions of fine, classic and modern art. Countries from around the world are represented, with over two thousand national and international artists displaying their works of art. You will find classical music and electronic rhythms, along with folkloric and contemporary dance, as well as plays and multimedia shows. Cinema, visual arts, workshops and activities for the kids can also be enjoyed throughout the festival. Be prepared to immerse yourself in folklore, jazz, DJ's, poetry readings, exhibits, conferences, puppet shows, concerts, and hundreds of activities that represent the very best of the international arts.
Guanajuato Mexico
The Cervantino International Festival is a "cultural buffet". The most modern art expressions and works of art by contemporary artists, as well as traditional and local art blend together in this festival for an all-you-can-see experience!

Cervantino Guanajuato
Guanajuato is a highly cultural city with lots of history and traditions. Guanajuato's deep cultural spirit has made Guanajuato home to the most important cultural event in Mexico, the "Cervantino International Festival".

Cervantino Festival
Locally known as "El Cervantino", this yearly festival is organized during October and normally lasts three weeks.